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Washing machine
- FV Washing machine
Desizing & Scouring Machine with Relaxer Function


As known well, desizing and scouring are inevitably important preparation processing of textile fabrics. For both woven and knitted fabrics, with either natural fiber make like cotton or synthetic & chemical fiber make, most of the fabrics must be treated through such steps. Desizing and scouring are done separately in some cases, but both steps are incorporated in the same machine in most of the cases at present. Below mentioned are the details of the desizing and scouring machines.

2.History of desizing & scouring machines are summarizied in Table 1 as below

We would like to hereby introduce and explain the new 4th generation machine in necessity of saving water and saving energy effect under eco-consciousness hereafter.

(Table 1) History of Desizing & Scouring Machines

Type of


Kind of Machine

Batch Type With input of necessary yeast, the fabrics are  soaked into washing bath long time for reaction after which the fabrics are washed. Jigger,  Wince
Rope form
With input of necessary chemicals to the rope form fabrics, they get reacted under saturated steam temperature in the reaction box ;
Advantage ; High productivity
Disadvantage ; Rope mark occurrence
J-box, U-box
Open width
With almost same construction as 2nd.generation  machine, and with less productivity than it.
Due to no rope mark occurrence, however, this type is used in almost all cases. At present.
L-box, K-box, and
Roll-to-roll steamer
Open width
Washing by means of vibration.;
Since the 3rd.generation machine is of a large construction and for mass production use, this 4th generation type has been developed to fit to small lot production for variety of the products.
To be combined with
FV Washer

(Fig.1) Enlarged Sections of Contaminated Fabrics

3.4th.Generation Desizing & Scouring Machine

FV Washer developed by us has been used for washing the wovens, knits, non-wovens, films and other sheet type works, also for removing dirt & dusts, and micron size particles therefrom. This type of Washer uses vibration for washing.. The details are shown in Table 2 below.
There are many ways of washing ; roll-to-roll type washer is widely used now. In this way, the fabrics are moved from roll to roll, getting soaked in washing water and coming out thereof to air, and squeezed by the mangle at the end of washing process. There are other ways of washing for practical use such as the use of water jet gushing out to the fabrics, the use of water flow suction and etc.
Every way has its advantages and disadvantages, and therefore, it is important to select the most suitable way for respective works. These conventional ways have, however, common features, that’s to say, washing the inside of the fabrics texture is very difficult. For such a problem, FV Washer can be a solution by its advantageous feature in which the contamination moves from inside to outside of the fabrics by means of given vibration so that its contamination inside is removable as shown per Fig. 1 as above.
Fig.2 shows the difference of desizing effect between the vibration given and not given. It shows washing with given vibration has abt. 10 times higher washing effect.

(Table 2) Washing Method by means of Vibration

Item (1) FV Washer (2) Ultrasonic Type Washing (3)Intermediate Type Washing(non-developed area)
Frequency 30~90Hz
(30~90 vibrations per second)
(20,000~30,000 vibrations / second)
Several hundreds or several
thousands Hz (vibrations)
Amplitude Max.20,000µm(20mm) Several µm(Several 0.00 mm) Several thousands µm
(Several mm)
Usage 1)  Efficient to soft type Works
Such as wovens &non-wovens
2) Efficient to the Works for which ultrasonic washing is not workable due to its little amplitude
Applicable to solid type Works such as eyeglass, metal made parts and etc. which are resistive to transmitting vibration 1) Applicable to the Works to
which FV Washer is too
powerful and might cause
damage thereto
2) Applicable to the Works to
which ultrasonic washing
gives little effect.
Others Wider amplitude will give more power. Installation is easy due to small sized ultrasonic generation unit. So far, this type Washer is not in the market yet but R&D is in progress by new design of our washer’s rose-shaped roller.

Though there are many ways of washing, we would like to hereby explain the washing by means of vibration. In fact, washing method using vibration could solve the problem in many cases of various manufacturing factories. There are 2 ways of vibration-use washing as undermentioned;
(1) FV Washer (Vibration to be generated by Rose-shaped roller) ; Less vibration but wider amplitude
(2) Ultrasonic type washing ; More vibration but narrower amplitude
Vibration shall be determined by its frequency and amplitude. In general, the more frequency of vibration, the less amplitude thereof. At present, there is no intermediate type of washing between FV type and Ultrasonic type as described as (3) in Table 2. For example ;
--- Vibration frequency ; less than ultrasonic type washer but more than FV washer, and
--- Vibration amplitude ; Less than FV washer but more than ultrasonic type washer

(Photo-2) FV Washer

(Fig.3) Desizing & Scouring Machine with Relaxer Function

4. Prospect of FV Washer Hereafter

Since FV Washer has various advantages as its washing effect, we have searched for the possibility of its usage for desizing and scouring. Since the 3rd.generation desizing & scouring machine is not applicable particularly for the fabrics to which PVA type size (starch) was used, new type desizing & scouring machine has been demanded for it, also to meet the products of many kinds with small lots of production, and for fine count and high density textile fabrics. Based on this fact, we can show you in Fig.3 our desizing & scouring machine of the 4th.generation completed as the production machine developed under our R&D effort. This machine construction is just one of the examples, then, the modification to high speed type is also possible by adding FV washing baths. This desizing & scouring machine of the 4th.generation is suitable. for the fabrics of synthetic materials. For the fabrics of natural fiber make like cotton, however, such fabrics must be chemically processed in the reaction box, and so its usage combined with FV Washer is recommended. By making use of this FV Washer, the relaxer effect is also expectable. With providing the fabrics with vibration leaving the warp side of the fabrics from no tension to minus tension under its overfeeding performance, the fabrics will shrink in both warp and weft sides, being released from the stress thereof under which the relaxation effect is appropriately promoted.

5. Usage of FV Washer including Desizing and Scouring Machine

Film, Membrane, Non-wovens, Artificial leather, Textile products, Paper products, & others
* Washing of battery separator, and removal of attached chemicals
* Removal and washing of used chemicals from powder puff materials.
* Removal of particles on wiper cloth
* Removal of black powder as attached to grinding cloth for hard disk during its buffing process.
* Removal of particles of filter materials.
* Desizing and washing for artificial leather
* Desizing and defibering for better water absorption effect
* Defibering of glass fibrer wovens (for circuit base of mobile phone, LCD TV, and etc.)
* Washing of under (or Top) felt for paper manufacturing

For Yarn
* Washing of inner & outer membrane part of hollow yarn (such as polysulfone type) for high molecule particles (PVP)
* Washing and oiling of acrylic fiber tow
* Washing of synthetic filament to remove organic solvent

Woven and Knitted fabrics
* Removal of sizing starch and PVA
* Washing of silk fabrics after scouring
* Washing of denim cloth after alkaline treatment
* Removal of remaining pile after flocking
* Desizing & scouring of synthetic & cotton fabrics
* Washing of cotton fabrics after bleaching
* Desizing of synthetic & cotton fabrics after printing
* Removal of fluff of new synthetic wovens
* Removal of particles of new type synthetic wovens
* Relaxing process of synthetic spandex wovens
* Washing of cotton & synthetic knitted fabrics after printing
* Washing & removal of unnecessary fluff of car seat materials

For Piece Goods
* Applicable not only to continuous sheet products but also for piece goods. Washing of door mat materials

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