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For Rubber processing
- Rubber Continuous Curing Equipment “Beruf High Burning Type”
- Microwave heating equipment
- “Beruf-Z” batch type curing equipment
- “Beruf” continuous curing equipment
For Textile processing
- “Sun Shrinker”shrinking machine
- “Sun Luster”resin roll calender
- “Soft Nouveau”emery type
- dyeing machine
Washing machine
- FV Washing machine
Newly-developed 'Floating Vibro Washer' (FV washer)
Patent granted
FV Washer
More effective cleaning , With less water

Work (Fabric & etc.) can be washed by means of strong vibration to be generated in the water.
Use of supersonic wave is very common for generating vibration. Supersonic wave is of high frequency
but with low vibratory amplitude which means no power. Then , it can transmit the vibration to solid
objects like metal made work but for soft work such as woven & non-woven fabrics, vibration will not give any effects due to its vibratory amplitude being adsorbed into work. On the contray, vibratory frequency of FV Washer is less than supersonic wave, but its vibratory amplitude is much larger so that it can vibrate work well, and therefore, can give high effect even to such soft materials as woven and non-woven fabrics.


The FV washer consists roughly of 3 components, as shown in the figure on the left.

1. Washing Trough: the main component
2. Rose-shaped Roller: Generates fluctuation of 30-60Hz in water by rotation
3. Punching Roller: Fabric runs on the surface of this roller which has many holes. The bearing has a special structure. Conventional in-water ball bearings are not used.


Washing effect
The rotation of the Rose-shaped Roller and in and out flows of washing liquor through the concavity and convexity of the Roller surface generate fluctuation. This fluctuation, generated repeatedly in the range of 30-60Hz, dynamically washes fabric running on the Punching Roller, giving thumping vibration and promoting permeation. In addition, as the washing liquid never stays still in the trough, drainage of reusable water can be avoided.

Washing mechanisms
To explain the mechanism of the FV washer, the state of the fabric at points A, B, C and D shown in the left figure is illustrated in the following. The special feature of the FV washer is that, because of fluctuation, the staining factors of fabric eventually shift outward.
The pre-washing state. Dots represent stain particles, completely filling fabric’s surface and inside at this stage.
The preparation stage to achieve thorough washing, with staining on the surface stripped and that inside eventually being shifted outward due to the backwash of fluctuation.
Most staining factors are released from the fabric surface due    to powerful super fluctuation.
Staining is completely removed as fabric reaches the end of the Punching Roller and shifts out of the trough

Features and effects

  • 2-3 times higher washing effect than open soaper type washer
  • Improvement of touch feeling of fabrics bycrumpling effect brought by vibration
  • High washing water saving effect
  • Very few entanglement of fuzz and fluff of  fabrics by its compact design
  • Maintenance free construction due to no use of underwater type bearings

  • Washing and opening of non-wovens, synthetic leather, and etc.
  • Washing and softening of synthetic and cotton fabrics, either wovens or knits
  • Washing and softening of composite fibre made fabrics, either wovens or knits
  • Washing and opening of industrial use wovens such as glass fibre, and etc.
  • Washing of tow of chemical fibres
  • Washing for other materials such as continuous sheet matrerials, also effective to sheet materials with less water permeability

For dyeing plants beset with problems like...

*The existing line of washers produces insufficient washing results. Addition of 2-3 more washers is being considered but not possible because of little space.
Replace an existing washer with the Floating Vibro Washer and your problem is solved!

*Thinking of a new installation of washers and wondering what is best. Looking for ones with novelty and good washing properties but finding no model that fits the image.
Adopt our Floating Vibro Washer and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

What is Floating Vibro Washer?

The Punching Roller, as it is floating in washing liquor therefore having little friction, withstands high speeds when it rotates. To make it float, special air room is included in the design of the Punching Roller.

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