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For Rubber processing
- Rubber Continuous Curing Equipment “Beruf High Burning Type”
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- “Beruf-Z” batch type curing equipment
- “Beruf” continuous curing equipment
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"Beruf" high temperature hot air type curing equipment
For the purpose of "environment protective" curing process, we have developed more compact type equipment, first in Japan, than conventional high-burning type featuring its processing for high temperature and the built-in type exhaust gas treatment system as realized by our own hot air circulation technologies. It has realized temperature range of max. 400 deg.C approx. for the furnace and max. 600 deg.C approx. for the burning chamber.

  • By our own type of jet nozzle with its performance of even hot air blow to Works, higher line speed & production efficiency are possible.
  • Due to our own unique hot air circulation technology, running cost can be saved to 1/3~1/5 compared with the conventional electric heating type.
  • By higher temperature of burning chamber inside than the curing furnace, it has become possible to treat gas as generated during curing process which could not be perfectly disposed before. Then, exhaust gas is made more combustible than ever and colorless & odorless perfectly, creating environment protective effect.

  • Optimum for curing sponge type rubber. More effective processing available together with micro wave type curing by which dimensions of products are more stabilized.
  • Optimum for curing solid rubber (for hose, tube, & etc.) for which strict size precision is required.
  • When any efficiency increase is intended for your existing production line either for sponge rubber or solid rubber, your target will be attained by incorporating this HTC type equipment into the existing lines.

Main Specifications
  • Hot air blowoff method
    Our equipment is of the construction on which how hot air is transmitted to the Works evenly is taken into account as attained from our long-year experience for hot air blowoff from both upper & lower part of the passline with its hot air recycling system.
  • Temperature in curing furnace
    MAX.400 deg.C
  • Heat source
    Gas direct firing or light oil direct firing type
  • Conveyance method
    Roller or Belt type conveyor use, Roller of insert metal use
  • Thermal insulation and heat retention properties
    Due to high temperature inside the furnace, insulation board is of special construction including particular air layer so that the outer surface of the furnace can maintain 50 deg.C or below.
  • Effective length of heating
    7.5m (standard), Other length is also possible.
  • Conveyor speed
    30m/min. (Standard)
"BERUF" HTC Type High Burning Curing Equipment External Sketch

Demonstration Unit

  • The unit for demonstration is located in our shop so that it is usable for testing.
  • Since we, all staff, are striving to meet any of your needs relating to curing, your contact to us will be highly appreciated at all the times.
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