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Corresponding to New Style Business in Forefront of Technology !

Consistency & Integration of Development-Designing-Manufacturing is our pride !
Based on high knowledge & technology cultivated in textile processing equipment, new products are being made with flexible concept & further creativity keeping up with changing world, IT used “Clean Dryer” is one of them developed,  designed, & manufactured in our integral system and supplied with confidence as our original brand.

“Sun Shrinker”, textile finishing machine and “Beruf” series rubber continuous
curing machine, --- our original brand --- are operating both domestically and
worldwide. Our ability of processing own stainless steel made component has realized shorter delivery time so that our processing & manufacturing capacity is
expanding to such as for water drainage facilities parts & for related units.

Summary of Company
Address : Head Office & Factory
25, 3-Chome, Chikko, Wakayama City, Japan 640-8287
Nishihama Factory
1660-141, Nishihama, Wakayama City, Japan 641-0036
TEL +81-73-431-1477
FAX +81-73-431-1470
For any inquiry, use this Mail Form
Head Office & Factory Nishihama Factory
Founded : October, 1956
Capital : J. Yen 20,000,000
President : Atsushi TAMAKI
Annual Sales : One billion yen (including group companies)
Staff & Workers : 40 (including group companies)
Business Lines : 1. Continuous curing & microwave heating equipment of rubber for
automobiles & home appliances parts
2. Processing equipment for glass fiber, carbon fiber, textiles for clothing
& other uses
3. High-power washing machine (FV Washer) by means of high vibration
4. Stainless steel made parts for water drainage facilities & stainless steel
rolls & drums
Products (Machineries & Equipment) :
For Textile processing
Denim manufacturing line
Indigo continuous dyeing line
Gas singeing machine
“Uni-Jet” gas singeing machine
“Sun Shrinker” shrinking machine
“Sun Luster” resin roll calender
“Soft Nouveau” emery type
raising machine
Washing & Drying machine
VC washer
Jigger & jumbo jigger
Thermo fixer
Roller dryer
Various calenders
Various dyeing & finishing machines
For Rubber processing
“Beruf” continuous curing line
Microwave heating equipment
“ Beruf-Z” batch type curing line

OEM production
Clean Dryer for film
Glass fiber processing line
IT related equipment

Cylinder (Drum)
Guide roll
Rubber roll
Drainage processing equipment
Our Customers : Toyobo, Kurabo, Nisshinbo, Nittohbo, Fujibo, Kanebo, Toyota Gosei, Sumitomo Rubber, Bridgestone (In random order, without title)
Overseas Connection :
USA, Australia, China, Korea
Group of Company
Wakayama Roll Co., Ltd.
9, 1-Chome, Chikko, Wakayama City, Japan

1948 Started manufacture of dyeing & finishing machines at 5-Chome, Komatsubara St., Wakayama City
1956 1956 For business expansion, KOMATSUBARA IRON WORKS, Ltd.. was founded by Kazuo TAMAKI, ex-President
1963 1963 Shifted head office & factory to present address
1970 1970 New factory started for stainless steel drums.
1974 1974 New assembly factory started at 4-Chome, Chikko,
Wakayama City (established Wakayama Roll Co.,Ltd.)
for manufacturing stainless rollers
2000 2000 Kazuo TAMAKI was appointed as Chairman &
Atsushi TAMAKI was appointed as new President
2001 2001 Acquired ISO9001ÅE2000 qualification

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