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Wanted : Sales Agent of “FV Washer” outside Japan
To whom it may concern ;

Wanted : Sales Agent of “FV Washer” outside Japan

We, Komatsubara, Ltd. would like to introduce our “FV WASHER” continuously developed by us as the Vibration-use washing machine. It has particular features which other existing washing machines had not achieved before. Having cleared various washing problems and realized the near-perfect machine, we have accumulated the successful results of it in Japan. Based on our confidence in this machine, we are willing to appeal and promote it to potential customers abroad, and therefore, any party who is interested in its sales in your country is kindly requested to apply to us as our sales agent. Our plan is to designate 1~3 agents in each country who will be able to assist our sales of this machine with the conditions as sated below.
Your application for the agency by e-mail or fax to us is appreciated for which our catalogs and relative introduction materials of this machine shall be sent to you for your study.

Our conditions (wishes and requests to the applicants) are as follows ;
  1. Please have any staff who can speak Japanese. The communication by e-mail/fax to you shall be in Japanese or English, but conversation over the phone shall be only by Japanese due to no English-speaking staff is available at our side.
  2. It is so much the better the applicant is a company who is engaged in supplying machinery and/or dyestuff to dyeing factories, etc. producing/processing natural fiber and/or synthetic textile fabrics at present.
  3. Technical supervision shall be made by our technical staff to be dispatched to your country when necessary. You can do it by yourselves on our behalf if your staff will be accustomed to it.
  4. Term of Sale shall be based on L/C to be opened directly from your customers to us. Agent commission for you shall be paid after the supplied machine has been fully paid to us by your customers.
  5. If you are acceptable to us as our proper agent, the Agency Agreement Contract shall be forwarded to you. You are requested to sign it to return to us by which your agency shall be proved as effective.
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